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What if my edibles arrive melted?
What if my edibles arrive melted?
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While we do our best to ensure our products are shipped and delivered in a timely manner, edible products can sometimes be affected by the temperature during transit over the summer months.

In the event that your edibles arrive melted, here are a couple helpful tips:

(1) Rest assured, these are still perfectly safe to use! We recommend popping them in the fridge to harden them up, and from there you can cut them into even pieces to dose effectively.

(2) We are now including Cold Packs for mail orders that include edibles (note: these are not included in same day or next day deliveries). This should help to prevent edibles melting during transit. If you notice this product has been added to your order, this is why!

(3) If your edibles still arrive melted, please send photos to the team as soon as possible, and we can look into possible resolutions. Since we are not able to guarantee environmental conditions during transit, refunds are not guaranteed, but we will always do our best to find a solution for you.

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