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What if I don't like a product?
What if I don't like a product?
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At Taki Taki, we understand that individual tastes and opinions may vary, and we are always open to receiving any feedback you might have about a product! In addition, you can always earn points by leaving a Product Review.

In cases of a Defective Product, you can look to request a refund. To request a refund, simply navigate to My Account, pull your order history, locate the item you would like to request a refund for, and click Ask for a Refund. Your refund request will be submitted and an agent will follow up with you once a decision has been made.

Defective Product: A defective product refers to an item that has a flaw or malfunction that hinders its proper functioning or poses a safety risk to the user. Defects can occur during the manufacturing process, design phase, or even due to damage during shipping. Defects may manifest as physical damage, missing parts, incorrect assembly, non-functional components, or other issues that prevent the product from working as intended. When a product is defective, it fails to meet the reasonable expectations of quality and functionality.

Product Not to One's Liking: On the other hand, a product not being to one's individual liking refers to a situation where a person simply does not prefer or enjoy a product, despite it being free from defects or functional issues. This can be due to personal taste, preference, or subjective factors. It could be related to the product's appearance, features, performance, color, or any other subjective aspect that doesn't align with the individual's preferences or expectations.

Please note: We do not offer compensation if a particular product is not to your individual liking, but we are always happy to provide some personalized product recommendations than may be more to your liking!

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