We currently accept Interac e-transfers and Interac Money Requests via Blitz Payment Solutions.

The fastest and most convenient way to pay is through the Interac Money Request.

Interac Money Request

This is a way of checking out directly from the site! Simply click PAY NOW, log into your bank of choice, and accept the money request. It's that easy!

Some banks don't yet have this feature, so you can always send an Interac e-Transfer instead.

Interac Email Money Transfer

If your bank doesn't support Interac Money Requests, no worries! You can send over a manual Interac e-transfer.

You will receive your specific payment instruction to send a manual e-transfer after your order has been placed, in which case you will have to separately log into your online banking and send an e-transfer using the details provided.

To access these details, you can click on Use an alternative payment method.

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